For commercial and residential property owners the landscaping task doesn’t end once the stunning lawn, shrubbery and flowers are put into place. If you want to keep this looking nice and protect your investment there will be some requirements for maintenance and pest control service to make this possible. It would be great to think that all you have to do is trust in Mother Nature and she will do the rest but this just isn’t how it works.

Where you reside will have some impact on what your potential threats are. While some pests are found in almost any region in the United States others are more specific to a certain area. You may also be surprised that almost anything can become a pest if left to multiple and cause an infestation; this includes common bugs like ants and worms.

Insects & Your Lawn

One of the most common problems home and business owners have with keeping their grass looking spectacular is bug infestation. There are any number of insects that can pose a threat to your lawn. The problem is that without regular ongoing care and treatment from a trained professional you may not even be able to spot a problem – until it is too late.

Another common mistake is people who opt for turf grass assume this material is not susceptible to bugs. However, this is not true. Turf grass can be affected by problems like weed growth and bugs just like ornamental grasses can.

Some Common Culprits

Although it is always best to let a trained expert handle your bugs problems here is an overview of some of the common critters that could be posing a threat to your yard right now.

  • Army-worms – A major problem for Southern lawns in the fall, these moth larvae are known for doing damage to turf grasses.
  • Japanese Beetles – One of the biggest culprits of insects who destroy grass at the root. Even worse, the traps many amateur pest control DIYers will try actually attract other beetles to the area doing more harm than good.
  • Ticks – While they are not harmful to the grass itself they can become a nuisance if left to grow in numbers. They can be harmful to humans and pets and will eventually infest the home and drastic remediation measures will have to be taken to control the problem.
  • Ants or Fire Ants – Again, these pests may not harm the grass but the tunneling can compromise the soil structure. This can lead to holes, divets or other problematic areas for the lawn.
  • Bill-bugs – There are different types of billbugs and they harm different types of grasses. For instance the hunting billbug is known to be cause damage to Zoysia grass while the bluegrass is a threat to bluegrass lawns.

Prevention Is The Best Remedy

Once you realize you have an infestation it is usually too late to quickly, easily and cheaply remedy the problem. So your best mode of attack is to take a proactive and preventative approach. Having a professional out for regular service is one of the best steps you can take.

A lawn care expert or turf treatment manager is perfect for this type of work. They regularly treat grass and shrubs for disease and pests. While this may not stop any and all potential problems from happening it does make it more likely to be something that can be controlled.

If your professional is there on a scheduled basis they are going to notice changes and potential threats. This gives them enough time to rectify the situation before it grows out of hand. This way the treatment approach is likely to be less expensive and more effective.

Plus they are more likely to use treatment methods that work a great deal better than what you can buy over the counter at your local home improvement store. Plus these lawn treatments are often less toxic and less harmful to people, pets and the environment. Don’t take chances when it comes to safeguarding your lawn against pests. Leave this type of work to a trained professional and you are less likely to ever have anything less than a perfect lawn.

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